This class creates toned legs and arms, lifted feet and slim hips, using small isometric movements through ballet based positioning, pilates core work, and lightweight resistance. This 55 minute workout is taught to a variety of upbeat, fun music.

Pilates (Strength)

This is an intermediate to advanced class where Kim will focus on core strength, flexibility, balance and overall body strength. There is not any traditional cardio or bouncing  in this class, however your heart rate may get up due to the intensity of the moves. Come join the fun in one of our most popular classes. 


Link to the Bella Schedule:

​NEW CLASSES!  I am excited to announce new instructors and new classes:  Anne's Barre classes and Kathrine's Yoga classes!   Please note the new times below:

  • ​​April 2019

Core Value Fitness Center Fitness Classes



Each instructor has their own pricing. You will pay for

classes and punch cards directly to the instructor.

  • Ann  $10.00 per class

  • ​Libby for Barre $15.00 per class or $135 for ten time punch card
    • ​Adult Tap   $10.00 per class or $75 for ten time punch card
  • Kathryn $12 per class or $110 for ten time punch card 
  • Kim $10.00 per class or $90.00 for a ten time punch card